Welcome to AYICCN

The Alberta Youth in Care and Custody Network, also known as the Network or AYICCN, was founded in 1986 and incorporated in 1990 by youth in and from care or custody.

We are a community organization that is founded on the idea of youth helping youth. Our projects and programs are run by youth and with their help. On top of all that good stuff, the Board of Directors is partly made up of young people that have been in 'the system'. By doing this, we have truly created a place where young people are in control; a place where their voices are heard and respected.

We are also a place where youth can receive support from young adults who have had similar experiences. The Network believes that all youth have the right to safe, quality care and that their concerns and opinions are key to the development of quality care in Alberta, with the assistance by one of our sponsors, Locksmith Guelph.

We work hard to ensure that all youth have a means of expressing themselves without retribution while they are in care, to give them skills to use later in life, and most importantly to provide a place to belong.